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Services We Provide

Camp Lake University has devised services for students and professional according to their requirements, students who enroll can take help of our alumni system. With the help of these services, students will have an easy journey with Camp Lake. Following are the services we provide to students.

Scholarship Program

Camp Lake University will not let the hurdle of finance come in way of your education. We will provide scholarships to needy and deserving students so that they can carry forward their education without any hassle.

Student & Alumni Center

Once the students have enrolled themselves at Camp Lake successfully, they will have access to a student portal through which they can manage their course content and requirements. With the assistance of this portal, students can look after any official work regarding their education, talk to faculty, administration, student counselors and even order their transcripts. We provide this service without any charge; it will serve as prime importance for you throughout your online education process.

Our esteemed alumni will get the access to their dedicated alumni portal once they have graduated or qualified from Camp Lake University. Through this area, you may socialize with other alumni and students and suggest what improvements you would like to see at Camp Lake University.

Credit Transfer Facility

This service is used by many of our students who have benefited with reduced time and cost on their applied courses. Through this service, students can get exemption for credits they have earned at other universities so they don´´t have to repeat what they have done already. If the students have had prior learning experience, and hold complete command over a discipline, we assure them that they will be getting credits for that too, hence more and more professionals are using this service and are being benefitted. Camp Lake offers this service free of charge as well.

Apostille & Embassy Legalization

Do not worry about the legalization of your documents if you are completing your education online. Camp Lake University provides apostille & embassy legalization services in your resident country. So no matter where in the world you are, we get your degrees verified by the embassy of your country so that you don't have any problems using your degree for professional purposes. We give this service at a very minimal charge; the benefits are far more than the costs.

Free Consultancy

Camp Lake University knows that our students and professional have a busy schedule, and that's why we have set up free consultancy system that is accessible 24/7 from any time through email, call or chat. Students can get in touch with our student counselors regarding their future growth and the career they should choose.

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